Meet our LIVE Speakers

Erin Brockovich

Key Note Speaker

    Tristan Ahumada

    Co-Founder @ LabCoat Agents

      Nick Baldwin

      Co-Founder @ LabCoat Agents

        Howard Tager

        CEO @ Ylopo

          Juefeng Ge

          CMO @ Ylopo

            Kevin Markarian

            CEO @ Marker Real Estate, Executive Director @ Lab Coat Agents

              Regina P. Brown

              Professor, Consultant, Speaker. Author

                Suneet Agarwal

                Speaker, Realtor, Team Leader, Coach, Influencer

                  Chris Heller

                  CEO @ Mellohome

                    Sharran Srivatsaa

                    CEO @ Kingston Lane

                      Curt Beardsley

                      VP of MLS and Industry Development @ Zillow Group

                        Scott Shapiro

                        Senior Client Partner @ Facebook

                          Travis Thom

                          Founder @ Elevated REM

                            Michael Hellickson

                            CEO @ Club Wealth

                              Shon Kokoszka

                              CEO of Icon Coaching

                                Dale Archdekin

                                Coach, Speaker

                                  Shanta Patton

                                  Speaker, Realtor, Influencer

                                    Shawneequa Badger

                                    Speaker, Realtor, Influencer

                                      Felix Hung

                                      Speaker, Realtor, Influencer, Coach, Team Leader

                                        Andrew Greer

                                        Realtor, Investor, Speaker

                                          Jason Walters

                                          Realtor, Influencer, Speaker

                                            Oliver Graf

                                            President and Co-Founder @ Big Block

                                              Albie Vas

                                              Realtor, Speaker, Teacher

                                                Jennifer Felten

                                                Principal Owner and Attorney @ RELAW, APC.

                                                  David Anderson

                                                  Founder and President @ LionDesk

                                                    Sam Khorramian

                                                    CEO @ BigBlock Realty

                                                      Daniel Ramsey

                                                      CEO @ MyOutDesk

                                                        Joe Mazzeo

                                                        CEO @ Integrated Lean & Quality Solutions, LLC

                                                          Bubba Mills

                                                          CEO & Owner @ Corcoran Coaching

                                                            Perry Belcher

                                                            Co-Founder @ DigitalMarketer

                                                              Roland Fraiser

                                                              Principal @ DigitalMartketer

                                                                Jessie Beaudoin

                                                                CEO @ CallAction

                                                                  David Tal

                                                                  CEO @ Agentology

                                                                    Gabe Cordova

                                                                    President @ FirePoint

                                                                      Alvin Tapia

                                                                      REALTOR @ KW Rancho & Tom Ferry Video Infulencer

                                                                        Samantha DeBianchi

                                                                        CEO @ DeBianchi Real Estate & Star @ Million Dollar Listing Miami

                                                                          Barry Jenkins

                                                                          CEO @ Your Friend in Real Estate Team at BHGR

                                                                            Mike Bjorkman

                                                                            Owner at HomeSmart NCG, President at Team Bjorkman

                                                                              Glenn Twiddle

                                                                              Australia's #1 Real Estate Coach

                                                                                Kimberly Gettle

                                                                                CEO @ Key Impressions Real Estate

                                                                                  David Serpa

                                                                                  USMC Combat Veteran & Team Lead of the Serpa Team @ KW

                                                                                    Knolly Williams

                                                                                    Author, Trainer, and National Speaker

                                                                                      Kyle Whissle

                                                                                      Owner @ Whissel Realty powered by eXp Realty

                                                                                        Daniel Beer

                                                                                        CEO/Owner @ Beer Home Team of eXp Realty

                                                                                          Rett Harmon

                                                                                          Co-owner @ Century 21 Novus Realty

                                                                                            Nicole Nicolay

                                                                                            The Engel Group

                                                                                              Saria Finkelstein

                                                                                              Lead Buyer Agent @ Laurie Finkelstein Team


                                                                                                Coach & Founder @ Expired Plus System

                                                                                                  Amanda Todd

                                                                                                  CEO/Founder/REALTOR @ Amanda Todd Real Estate Group